Saturday, April 16, 2011

Crossword - Basic Boolean

3 An operator (the terms you specify must not appear in the documents)
5 What is cat in the following search string- (cat OR dog) AND pet AND pune?
6 A wild card
7 Type of search (resume OR CV) AND (j2ee OR j2j) AND NOT (apply or submit)
10 Synonyms, alternate spellings, and variant word forms of a keyword
12 Classify the relationship between words or phrases in a search string
13 An operator (At least one of the terms you specify must appear in the documents)
14 Use of paranthesis

1 Generally use to query on phrases
2 An operator (All the terms you specify must appear in the documents)
4 Operators used to refine search
8 Boolean was named after
9 Generally used to group alternatives
11 A combination of words or phrases and operators

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Learning sourcing via games

Learning Sourcing, involves
1) Knowledge
2) Skill

Here we will attempt to design games directed at both learning the basic knowledge and the application of the same